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It is important for me to communicate with my clients that during every session I try to implement my knowledge and experience with energy, passion, and creativity. My objective is to create images that will permit us to preserve your memories and enjoy them with every look and bring back these precious memories forever. Below are the  descriptions of every kind of session that I offer and what they entail.

If you do not see a session that fits your needs please contact me to see what we can work out.

Pregnancy is a unique experience for every woman, a miracle, and it is the path that we take to bring the loves of our life into this world...our children. It is an important moment in our lives that is definitely worth photographing. This session can be done in your home, on location, or in studio, and family members can be included.

I offer two changes of clothing, and I can give some suggestions over styles and colors if you so desire. My advice for these style of photos are neutral colors, light make-up, and small accessories.

I recommend that you contact me between the fifth and sixth month of your pregnancy, since the best time to take the maternity photos is during the 34th-37th weeks.

This adorable session is the perfect option to capture just how small your newborn is and the different positions that they can be inside your belly. Babies grow up so fast that it is impossible to not have a memory from this stage in their lives. The perfect time for this photo is between the 5th and 14th day after birth. If your baby is older than two weeks I recommend doing a different style of photo session, but nevertheless do not miss out on the opportunity to photograph the new addition to your family.

The newborn session can be done in your home or in my home studio. It is much easier for me to do it in my studio because I have quick access to all my different backgrounds, accessories, hats or headbands, fabrics, and decorative elements to create your custom environment. Nevertheless, if you feel more comfortable in your home, then I can bring a portable studio and the necessary accessories that we'll need and will have chosen prior to my visit.

This session typically takes two to three hours. Mother, father, and brothers/sisters can be included and it is necessary to make the reservation at least one month prior to the expected delivery date. Last-minute appointments can be made available, however priority will be given to appointments already scheduled.

You should bring everything necessary for your baby; diapers, bibs, wipes, blankets, and anything else mother thinks is important for the care of baby. A pacifier is also required, even if your baby doesn't use one.

The idea of this session is to capture the speed with which your baby or toddler is growing; their smiles, their gaze, their joy, their innocence. This session is personalized and I try to combine the child's clothes with the decoration of the studio, room, or birthday party theme. The session can be done in my home studio, your home, or another location of your choice. Generally, these sessions take one hour.

The client should bring different changes of clothes for the child, and I can give some suggestions of great websites with beautiful and original outfits. You can also visit my Pinterest for different ideas for boys and girls. It is also important to bring a favorite toy, blanket, book, food, or drink so that the child is happy and comfortable during the photo session.

This session is a very fun and excellent way to capture your baby's first birthday, you bring the cake and I complement it with the decoration in my studio. This session can be added as an additional component to another session or can be scheduled as an individually. These pictures can be used at your birthday party, in the invitations, or thank-you cards. I recommend that this session be scheduled at least four weeks prior to the date of the birthday party.

This session is generally done on-location such as a beach, park, or any other place that you prefer. For this style of photo I try to capture an image that shows who your family is in that moment and that it will be something that you can enjoy looking at in your living room or bedroom. This session generally takes around an hour and a half to complete and the initial pricing is for four family members. For photography of special events, professional profile, or products please contact me.


·What is your location?

My address 512 Turpentine Trl, Jacsonville NC 28546.

·What is included in the cost of my photo session?

All of my creativity, knowledge, and time as a photographer before, during, and after your photo session, which includes photo-editing and digital files agreed-upon.

·Where will my photo session for my newborn be held?

The majority of photo Newborn sessions are held in my home-studio in Jacksonville, since there I have easy access to all of my accessories and equipment necessary for the shoot.  Parents are free to sit and snack while I shoot your baby.  If you prefer me to shoot the session in your home there will be an additional fee, but I will put in the same effort and attention to detail in order to achieve the best results.

For others sessions the location is choose by my clientes, usually maternity and family session are held outdoors.

·What happens if my child falls ill?

If your child is ill or doesn’t feel well it is necessary to reschedule the session; babies and children aren’t the same when they don’t feel well, and it is my wish to be able to capture their true personality.

·Do you have accessories like hats, headbands, or clothes in your studio available to wear?

Yes, I have accessories available to use, especially for newborns.  However, if you wish to bring a special object, hat, or anything else that will give personality to your session, please do so!

·How should I prepare for my session?

I will send you an email with a list of final tips so that you can be prepared for your scheduled session.

·How long does a photo session take?

This depends on the age of your child, newborns can take between two and three hours, while all other sessions last between 30 to 90 minutes.

·How can I see my photos?

Approximately 2-3 weeks after your session, you will receive an email with a link to an online, password-protected gallery. You will have 7 days to view the images and complete your order.

·When and how do I pay?

You will be sent a PayPal invoice for the deposit; they take debit and credit too.  The balance is due on session day and cash, check,  or PayPal are fine.

·How should I dress?

We will have a meeting prior to your session and there we will talk about the best options depending on your taste.  Ideally you will wear something comfortable, which gives personality and a combination of color with the environment to create a beautiful, lasting memory.

·Can you remove a scratch or birthmark from my baby’s photos?

I do editing and simple retouching of all my photos, and if you desire additional editing, that has an additional cost of $10 per photo.

·How do I reschedule my photo session?

If an illness arises or it is raining and we are scheduled to shoot outside, we can reschedule for the next most convenient day for both parties.

·Can I share my photos on Facebook? Can my family print copies of my photos?

Yes, photos that are given to you on CD with my watermark on it are yours and can be shared on social media,  family and friends.

·What time of day can we schedule my session?

Sessions that are shot in studio or in your home can be scheduled between nine in the morning and five in the afternoon.  Sessions shot outdoors should generally be shot in the morning or in the late afternoon/early evening.

·Do you sell gift certificates?

Of course!  A photo session is a perfect gift for family and friends.  The certificate can cover the entire cost of the session or for a percentage of the session.