How to encourage your children to cooperate during your photo session.

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Family photos are very important, especially for us moms, but sometimes they can be stressful due to everything that is required to make them come out “perfect”. Finding the right photographer, deciding on the clothing, figuring out your preferred style, and choosing the perfect location is a lot of work! The reality however, is that the most difficult part is getting the children to cooperate. Based on my experience working with children as a photographer, here are my best six tips to enjoy your session and capture cute family photos.

1. Explain to the children what you are going to do with a prize at the end

For older children it is important to let them know that family picture day is a special event that will provide a memory that will last forever. Incentivize them for their cooperation with a special treat, dinner at their favorite restaurant, or something else that you know they’ll enjoy.

2. Choose the right time

This is very important, especially for younger children because they need to be well rested with their bellies full. Try to choose a time that will accommodate children after they’ve had a nap and a snack. You need your kids to be happy and this is a good way to start.

3. Wear cute but comfortable clothes

Make sure that you pick the right clothing and accessories for your child, that they are comfortable and that they are used to wearing them. For example, don’t try to make them wear a hat when they’ve never worn one, the day of the photo shoot isn’t a good day to start!

4. Make it fun

The best way to make children cooperate is to have fun with them during the shoot. Play with them, tickle them, ask for kisses, hug them, tell them secrets in their ears
and explore the location. Ask the photographer for some activities that you can while she he or she photographs you

5. Don’t Pose! Go for more candid shots

Children can pose and say cheese for some photos, but the truth is that they won’t keep it up for very long and their smiles won’t look natural. The best thing to do is to talk to them and tell them jokes to make them laugh, talk about things within the family that they think are funny (like who has the smelliest breath in the morning, etc), or relive a fun memory.

6. Relax!

Relax and enjoy the moment. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to pretend that the photographer isn’t there; just enjoy the time with your family. The best thing about taking family pictures is to show your family’s personality and the love that you share.


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